Lisa Hoon


Senior Associate

Bianka is the eldest of two daughters. She was born in the Jacaranda City and was lucky enough to stay in Somerset West for a few years before attending the rest of her academic life in Pretoria. She met her husband, also an attorney, in Court, and romance has been a legal affair since. They are parents to a beautiful son who keeps them on their toes with his engineering plans and building machines. Her family means the world to her and they are the reason behind all her choices in life.

You will find Bianka at a farmer’s market over weekends enjoying good food and wine in beautiful scenery. Her hobbies include gardening, growing vegetables especially, reading, crocheting and European Languages. She comes from a long line of European influence, with her mother being German and father Dutch/French. Although not confirmed, she is the grand daughter to a “Mrs Nadal” and although she wishes to claim that she is family to the tennis star, her tennis game does leave much to the imagination.

She decided early in life that Law was her calling and studied in the purple streets of the University of Pretoria earning her degree in 2006 and attending Law School at the same Varsity in 2006. Hereafter she served articles at Fourie Fismer Inc. Her experience grew in terms of litigation at this firm and she was admitted as an attorney in May 2008. She served as an associate with this firm until 2012, when she moved to another firm after six loyal years.

She served with a firm Van Breda & Herbst Inc as an Associate for 10 years and there she worked her way up in a few years to lead a team of 10 attorneys as a Team Manager. She loves people and working with them, getting the best out of them and to work towards a goal. She trained numerous candidate attorneys/attorneys in her tenure as Team Manager, all of whom have since been successfully admitted as attorneys and thriving in their own careers. To have been able to lead these individuals was in her view, the biggest success of all.

She is very loyal and believes in hard work, but believe in balance in enjoying what you are doing at the same time. She believes in doing everything you do with integrity, even if no one is watching! Stay positive and true to yourself, stick to your beliefs and push yourself to be a better version each and every day. “If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten” – Albert Einstein –

Career Highlights:

• Attended Law School July – December 2006
• Passed all 4 board exams February 2007
• Admitted as an Attorney May 2008
• Practicing Attorney at Fourie Fismer May 2008 – December 2012
• Practicing Attorney at Van Breda & Herbst Inc January 2013 – November 2022
• Defended Team Manager January 2017 – December 2019
• Undefended Team Manager January 2020 – November 2022
• Joined SSLR Inc – 2023

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