Managing Director

Cilna is the youngest of four daughters, she is very close to her family, she has a passion for life, people and her beloved country, South Africa. She grew up on a peach farm outside Middelburg, Mpumalanga (maiden name Ligthelm) – this is where her entrepreneurial spirit surfaced and where it was nurtured and developed by her loving parents. Cilna had her first revenue generating business at age 6, raising and selling piglets and from there on it was one venture after the other, from selling chickens to exporting peaches a little later. These real-life trial and error opportunities, in a safe environment, gave her the skills to start a very real business, a law firm at the tender age of 24, with a business partner with no more experience in business, than herself. At times it was scary, but it was and still is so much fun. Today, Cilna is the proud mother of two amazing children and doing her best to give them the same opportunities to develop their entrepreneurial skills. Over the years, the firm developed into a renowned rental and eviction specialist firm with Cilna at the steer, but fully aware of the fact that without her business partner, Nicholas Brodie and the rest of awesome (SSLR) team, the firm would not be anything at all.

Cilna completed her LLB Degree at Unisa, after which she was admitted as an attorney in 2007. She co-founded Steyn & Steyn Attorneys, where she began to specialise in evictions. She regularly presents training session, where she advises national groups of rental agents and private landlords on matters relating to Landlord and Tenant Disputes and broader scope Property Law related matters. She also acts on the panel of experts for the Law Society of South Africa’s Legal Education and Development. She presents seminars on behalf of LSSA: LEAD, educating attorneys nationally on eviction procedures and rental claims. She is one of the drafting attorneys of the TPN (Tenant Profile Network) Residential Lease Pack. She has a close relationship with industry shaping bodies like IEASSA, SAPOA, REBOSA, the PPRA and present training, provide legal opinions and advise to and on behalf of these bodies. Cilna authored “The Landlord’s Guide – Property Rental and Eviction” in 2015, she is an author for LexisNexis on the topic of Lease and Eviction and regularly publishes articles in newspapers and magazines. She also appears on television and radio, participating in discussions relating to Property Law and in particular evictions and rental law.

Cilna is actively involved in various areas of the property industry where she is responsible amongst others, for the training of the majority of national estate agencies’ rental teams. She guided many rental agents and owners through the very difficult times brought about by the COVID 19 pandemic and resulting lockdown which had a very serious effect on the rental market. She is one of the founders of the Property Law Alliance, a group of independent specialist eviction attorneys who have devoted their time and energy to bring real solutions and answers to landlords and rental agents. Her passion for the rental industry fuels her unwavering dedication to provide accurate, easy to apply and practical training to the property industry of South Africa.

As the Managing Director she is dedicated to leading the Firm in accordance with our Core Values.

Career Highlights:

Obtained LLB – 2007
Admitted as Attorney – 2007
Co-Founded Steyn & Steyn – 2008
LSSA Panel Expert (Evictions) – 2011
Authored “The Landlord’s Guide” – 2015
Managing Director SSLR Inc – 2015
LSSA Panel Expert (Entrepreneurship) – 2017
Author LexisNexis – July 2018
ROCCI Business Woman Of The Year (Silver) – 2018/2019
Judge – Investor Of The Year Award – 2019
Establish The Property Law Alliance – 2020
Joined SAPOA as a trainer – 2022


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