COVID-19 Alert Level 2 – can landlords execute eviction orders?

Peter Mennen, Head of Legal at TPN and Cilna Steyn, MD of SSLR Inc. answer the most pertinent questions for the property industry in Alert Level 2.

Court dates and evictions

Discussion about evictions and the courts and what the New Normal looks like in eviction applications.

The Property Law Alliance – Special Episode – COVID-19: Alert Level 2 Regulations

In this special episode:
COVID-19 – ALERT Level 2 Regulations
– Prerequisites for evictions – Gauteng Rental Housing Tribunal
– Airbnb South Africa

Eviction Orders During Lockdown

Cilna Steyn discussing evictions during the lockdown with eviction attorney, Claire Laurent.

Rental Recovery Documentation Pack and Lockdown Update

Rental Property experts share their views on how the Covid-19 Lockdown impacts on home removals in South Africa.


Covid update

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