Tenants want to cancel a fixed term lease: Legal implications

What are the legal implications if your tenants must cancel their lease due to jobs lost?

Who pays utility bill if rent in arrears?

If a tenant is in arrears with rent, is the landlord still obligated to pay for their use of utilities?

Real estate and disclosure of Covid-19 status

No country has remained unaffected by the coronavirus pandemic and each has had a different approach to the viral scourge. 

Rights of landlords and tenants in Covid times

The Covid pandemic has amplified the tension between landlords and tenants as thousands struggle to settle their rental debt due to a loss of income or reduced income.

How safe are short-term rentals?

A recent event at a Cape Town guesthouse sparked serious concerns for landlords in the business of offering short-term accommodation.

Deposits and cancellation of lease agreements in the time of COVID-19

Does the reason for cancellation impact the penalty the landlord can charge from the tenant?
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