Candidate Attorney

Keitumetse roots from a ‘Kasi’ society where she had to learn the craft of being comfortable in uncomfortable circumstances. Circumstances that motivated her to stem out of a mindset of a limited expectation that feeds the society with a fear of not trying. As a measure of her trying efforts, Keitumetse ensured to weather through influences of ‘Kasi’ to complete her matric in 2015. The completion of her matric was followed by two years where she had to take a break from her studies due to family financial constraints, coupled with a lack of knowledge on Tertiary Institution applications and how to make entrance therein. Through self-research and self-education, Keitumetse finally made Tertiary entrance at the University of Pretoria where she started as a Political Sciences student in 2018. Driven by her appreciation and gaping interest in law and order, Keitumetse transferred her studies to a BA Law degree in 2019, which she completed in 2021. She was in it for the whole yard… In 2022, she dived right in for an LLB degree and put her last full stop in 2023. Keitumetse is now pursuing her LLM in Mercantile Law with the University of Pretoria and will not stop pursuing her studies until there is a red regalia in her family, as she did not stop for there to be a first graduate in her family. Keitumetse also joined SSLR in June 2024 as a candidate attorney.

Her academic experiences and journey are the heartbeat of her project that visits high schools in ‘Kasi’ to provide in-depth education about Tertiary Institutions. She makes a difference for pupils by assisting them to navigate computers and post applications to these institutions.

Keitumetse dedicates herself every day to lifelong learning.


Career Highlights:

Completed Matric – 2015
Studied Political Science – 2018
Obtained BA Law Degree – 2021
Obtained LLB – 2023
Pursuing LLM – 2024
Candidate Attorney at SSLR – 2024

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