Specialised Solutions for Serious Landlords

We appreciate the nature of a landlord’s business. As such we provide services aimed at assisting landlords with growing their property portfolio and mitigating the risks inherent in letting out property. Our services include:

  • Eviction of Tenants
  • Eviction of other illegal occupants
  • Drafting and vetting of lease agreements
  • Management of delinquent Tenants

Read the content below for more information on these services. See also Expert Advice for more interesting articles on property matters.


Services for Landlords

Eviction of Tenants

We regularly deal with evictions on residential and commercial leases. We will advise you of the appropriate procedure to follow having regard to the Consumer Protection Act, the Rental Housing Act, the Prevention of Illegal Evictions from and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act, Extention of Security of Tennure Act and all other applicable legislation. We deal mainly with evictions through the High Court in Johannesburg and Pretoria as we find that the process could be much faster in these Courts. We are also able to deal with evictions on properties situated in all of Gauteng, Mpumalanga and parts of North-West. Due to the volumes of evictions that we deal with we are able to provide a streamlined process which means that evictions are dealt with quickly and in a cost-effective manner.


Evictions of other Illegal Occupants

Often it is necesarry to do an eviction on properties bought on sheriff auction. It may also happen that land or buildings purchased are occupied by squatters. The complexities in the process involved in evicting such occupants requires the attorney to have specialised knowledge and experience of such evictions. We have attended to such evictions on behalf of numerous clients ranging from developers to property speculators.


Drafting and Vetting of Lease Agreements

The first step in mitigating your risk as a Landlord is to ensure that you have a good lease agreement in place. The agreement must take cognisance of the wide range of legislation applicable to such leases. The Rental Housing Act or the Consumer Protection Act may invalidate certain portions of your lease, and may even criminalise some of the provisions. It is important to regularly update your lease agreements to ensure that it complies with the latest amendments in legislation and provide for the latest trends of tenant disputes.

Having an expert draft a custom lease for your rental properties may save you much frustration and expense later on. We assist many Landlords, Rental Agents and Managing Agents with vetting of lease agreements for portfolio acquisition and would gladly discuss your needs with you.


To discuss your tenant problems or requirements with our specialist property lawyers give us a call or just complete and submit the simple contact form for us to contact you.

Does ESTA allow for the eviction of unlawful occupants?

Does ESTA allow for the eviction of unlawful occupants?

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Protections Afforded to Tenants by the Consumer Protection Act

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