Support Services for Property Developers

We render specialised services to Property Developers assisting them in the development process from the moment of acquiring land to concluding various agreements, conveyancing and even litigation where necessary. Our Developer Solutions include:

  • Establishing Townships
  • Opening Sectional Title Registers
  • Notarial Cessions and Ties
  • Consolidation and Subdivision of Land
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Construction Contracts & Sub-Contracts


Developer Services

Commercial Contracts

We are experienced in drafting and vetting a wide range of Commercial Contracts which Developers typically enter into in the process of a Development. Contracts such as Joint Venture agreements, Constructions Contracts (whether JBCC or otherwise) and Service Level Agreements with Architects, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors or Estate Agents. Ensuring that the correct documentation is in place from the start could mean the difference between a profitable development or a failed development.


Development Team

Our Development team consists of seperate attorneys and conveyancers, supported by paralegals and candidate attoreneys to ensure that the project is dealt with efficiently and with a wide range of knowledge.


Independence Guaranteed

As we do not act for any banks, you are assured of our independent professional advice. We have a relationship with a firm of attorneys who do serve on the bond panels for five of SA’s large mortgagors. All bond registrations are referred to them with a pre-agreed reduced fee, which is passed on to the developer.

If you are looking to start a development contact us for a free meeting to discuss your needs and to explore our services. We offer highly competitive prices on the conveyancing work and would gladly discuss this with you.


Managing of Delinquent Tenants

It may happen that you currently have a tenant that causes frustration by late or partial payments, but you may not want to terminate the lease just yet. We utilise the TPN platform to manage tenants and tenant payment profiles to increase compliance of problem tenants. The tenants receive a notice every time their credit profile is updated, which generally assists in communicating the seriousness of bad payment behaviour. The fact that the tenant’s behaviour is monitored by a Law Firm also helps in increased compliance and enables fast action, should action need to be taken against such a tenant.

To discuss your tenant problems or requirements with our specialist property lawyers give us a call or just complete and submit the simple contact form for us to contact you.

Does ESTA allow for the eviction of unlawful occupants?

Does ESTA allow for the eviction of unlawful occupants?

Does ESTA allow for the eviction of unlawful occupants?In simple terms, South African law requires residential evictions of long-term land occupants and labour tenants to comply with the Extension of Security of Tenure Act 62 of 1997 (‘ESTA’). However, whether the Act...

Protections Afforded to Tenants by the Consumer Protection Act

Protections Afforded to Tenants by the Consumer Protection Act

Protections Afforded to Tenants by the Consumer Protection ActAt the forefront of consumer protection law in South Africa is the Consumer Protection Act (the “CPA”). Section 14 of the CPA is of particular importance to the landlord-tenant relationship, but it may not...

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